The 'Aligned Mama' course will help relieve postpartum body aches & pains. You will learn: how body alignment can worsen or alleviate pain, the anatomy of the new birth parent, strategies to support posture while with baby & self care strategies.

Welcome to 'Aligned Mama: Techniques to Relieve Postpartum Body Aches & Pains'

In this mini course, you will learn:

  • How body alignment can worsen or alleviate pain
  • The anatomy of the new birth parent
  • Strategies to support your posture while caring for your baby
  • ​Self-care exercises to reduce tension and improve strength 

You will find yourself feeling better and more in control of your body.

This mini 'a la carte' course is Module 3 of our Postpartum Prep Bundle - 'Flourish in the 4th Trimester'. Take 'Aligned Mama' as a stand alone mini course or get the whole bundle for holistic health support during your postpartum journey.

What You'll Learn

Aligned Mama

Postpartum aches and pains can arise when caring for your babe. Lifting, feeding, carrying can all take its toll. Relieve tension and improve strength with these self-care exercises.

You don't have to experience the postpartum journey in constant pain!

This course will provide the science and the strategies so you can flourish in your 4th trimester.

Course Curriculum

Module 3: Aligned Mama - Techniques to Relieve Postpartum Aches and Pains

  •  Meet Your Instructor, Dr. Blessyl, DC
  • Low Back and S.I. Joint Pain
  • Neck and Mid-Back Pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Mothering Your Rounded Posture
  • ​Module 3 Handouts
  • ​Module 3 Transcript
  • ​Module 3 References

Plus you will have access to the following Course Bonuses:

Self-Massage videos

Dr. Blessyl guides you through helpful postpartum upper and lower body self-massage in these videos.

We want you to flourish in the 4th!

Are you ready to thrive in your recovery after childbirth and get back to doing all the things you love, with all those you adore?

Your Instructor:

Meet your Pre and Postnatal expert


Dr. Blessyl Buan

Dr. Blessyl Buan is a chiropractor, educator, speaker and dance professional. She incorporates acupuncture, fascial release, kinesiotaping and exercise prescription in her practice to provide a holistic approach that addresses the mind, body and spirit. She has a special interest in consulting and treating performing artists and optimizing maternal health. She empowers her patients to embody stress management and sustainable high performance while advocating for equity and diversity. She is the founder of BIPOC Dance Health and is a mom to two boys and two girls.

What are people saying about our Instructors?

Support Pre and Post-pregnancy

Michelle H.
I’ve had amazing experiences with both Angelique and Blessyl...they’ve supported me pre, during and post-pregnancy and my recovery wouldn’t have been as smooth without them. They’re detailed, personable, empathetic and super knowledgeable. 5-stars all the way!!!

Committed to Community 

Aviva F. 
Dr. Blessyl is a thoughtful and engaging speaker. She has a wealth of knowledge to share with the community and was able to deliver content to our members in an accessible way. During this time of crisis Dr. Blessyl's warm and calming presence was much needed. We look forward to working with Dr. Blessyl initiatives.

You DON'T have to go on 
struggling with:

  • constant body aches and pains
  • ​feeling weak
  • ​feeling fatigue and blue
  • ​brain fog
  • ​feeling like you are functioning from a place of survival

Take control of your postpartum body!

You'll have access to:

  • Videos of educational material
  • Exercise and Education Handouts
  • Course bonuses 
  • ​Full access to the course content for one year

All these tips and tricks from an expert Chiropractor...

At the rate of $57!

Get this amazing deal before it's gone

Time to flourish Mama!
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