RETURNING TO SEX & EXERCISE POSTPARTUM - Flourish in the 4th Trimester - Module 5

Get back to exercise & intimacy postpartum with confidence and care. Learn about the impact of scar tissue, pelvic health conditions and other factors that may influence return to activity. Know how to monitor your body & get back to what you love.

Get back to exercise and sex postpartum with ease and confidence!

Don't go on living with painful sex or bladder leakage after baby arrives. Just because it's common, doesn't mean it's normal or acceptable.

This course is for you if:

  • You have questions about what is normal and not normal to feel in your postpartum pelvis 
  • You are looking to safely and effectively return to exercise and be more active once baby arrives
  • You are experiencing painful intercourse or have had a history of painful sex 
  • ​You are worried about returning to sex postpartum as you think it will hurt

Did you know that:

  • It's isn't normal to experience ongoing bladder leakage with exercise and day-to-day activity after having a baby
  • Sex should be pleasurable and pain-free
  • ​Stress, anxiety and depression may influence the health of your pelvic floor
  • ​Scar tissue from a c-section, vaginal tearing or an episiotomy may impact pelvic pain and penetrative intercourse

Join us for this course and take charge of your pelvic health!

This mini 'a la carte' course is Module 5 of our Postpartum Prep Bundle - 'Flourish in the 4th Trimester'. Take 'Returning to Sex & Exercise Postpartum' as a stand alone mini course or get the whole bundle for holistic health support during your postpartum journey.

What You'll Learn

Sex and Exercise

Learn about guidelines for returning to exercise and sex - how to test your strength, massage scars and alleviate painful sex postpartum.

Don't go on living with painful sex or a leaky bladder!

This course will provide community, the science and the strategies to flourish in your 4th trimester.

Course Curriculum

Module 5: Returning to Sex and Exercise Postpartum

  • Introduction and message from Angelique
  • Circumstances to Consider Before Returning to Sex & Exercise
  • Returning to Sex & Intimacy Postpartum
  • Returning to Exercise Postpartum
  • Scar Tissue - The Sometimes 'Elusive Enemy'
  • Biopsychosocial Factors that may Contribute to Painful Sex
  • ​Module 5 Handouts
  • ​Module 5 Transcript
  • ​Module 5 References

Plus you will have access to the following Course Bonuses:

Pelvic Health Self Screening Checklist

Not sure if your pelvic health has been impacted during pregnancy or postpartum? This checklist will give you some further insight on the state of your pelvic health.

Postnatal Exercise Checklist

This checklist will help you recognize if and when to return to exercise postpartum; as well as If you may need to modify activity or not.

We want you to flourish in the 4th!

Are you ready to thrive in your recovery after childbirth and get back to doing all the things you love, with all those you adore?

Your Instructor:

Meet your Pre and Postnatal expert

Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

Angelique Montano-Bresolin

Angelique Montano-Bresolin is a Registered Physiotherapist based out of Toronto, Canada. Her training in pelvic floor dysfunction has included courses to assess and treat urinary incontinence, complex pelvic pain & sexual pain (vulvodynia, vaginismus, endometriosis, IC/PBS), gastro-intestinal disorders, prolapse, pre and postnatal, preparation for labour and delivery, post-surgical, post-menopausal and post-cancer care. She has trained extensively with experts in Canada and in the United States through the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute and the American Physical Therapy Association.

Angelique enjoys teaching doctors, her community and other Registered Physiotherapists about pelvic health care. She further advocates for pelvic health education by guest lecturing for the Ryerson University Midwifery Education Program and the University of Toronto Physical Therapy Program.

What are people saying about our Instructor?

Support Pre and Post-pregnancy

Michelle H.
I’ve had amazing experiences with both Angelique and Blessyl...they’ve supported me pre, during and post-pregnancy and my recovery wouldn’t have been as smooth without them. They’re detailed, personable, empathetic and super knowledgeable. 5-stars all the way!!!

Feel at Ease

Angelique is fantastic! I highly recommend her. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable in her field, she is very personable and can make you feel at ease right away.

You DON'T have to go on 
struggling with:

  • painful sex
  • a leaky bladder
  • ​painful scars
  • not knowing how and when to return to exercise safely
  • feeling fatigued and blue

Take control of your pelvic health!

You'll have access to:

  • Videos of educational material
  • Exercise & education handouts and checklists
  • Course bonuses 
  • ​Full access to the course content for one year

All this knowledge for a fraction of what you would pay to see an expert pelvic health practitioner.

At the rate of $57!

Get this amazing deal before it's gone

Time to flourish Mama!
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